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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fwd: [VISHWA JAGRITI MISSION] Habits shape our destiny

Sumiti Gupta Vjm
Habits shape our destiny
It is very easy to blame our misfortune on fate without realizing the fact that we are entangled in a web of bad habits and we ourselves have spun this web. It all started as a small habit of sleeping late, waking up late, eating unhealthy foods , putting off work for tomorrow and so on. Time moved on and so did our habits. Without realizing the web of our ill habits wrapped us up and the results started to come forth. Results like being lazy, missing deadlines, losing grades, ill health, hopeless feeling, tension and so on. We easily shift the blame on our fate and destiny. God created us all in His image and gave us the freedom of action and habits are action. He does not force us to act in any particular manner and He does not wish to see us suffer. It is our ability to make wise choices and develop healthy habits. The earlier we do it the better because in no time this web will be of metal wires and simply impossible to escape. Good habits will bring out the most productive you and as a result a bright future and thus a blooming destiny. Learn to take responsibility for being the designer of your fate and stop blaming everything on destiny says Guruvar. He says we must sit alone with ourselves and THINK.....think of our weaknesses....what is it that is keeping me behind? is it my weak willpower; is it my lack of self-discipline; is it insufficient motivation; is it some other reason that is stopping me from progressing? try it out and promise yourself to bring change in your life. Most important is to stay connected with a source of positive inspiration, your Guru so that you don't get lost on this journey.
HH Sudhanshuji Maharaj

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