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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fwd: [VISHWA JAGRITI MISSION] Hari Om All ! A very blessed Purnima to all...

Sumiti Gupta Vjm
Hari Om All ! A very blessed Purnima to all devotees. Guruji says that on this Holy day God manifests himself with all His powers fully in the Guru. Seeking Gurudarshan on this day washes away your sins. if you cannot go to seek his darshan then do so in your prayers. Do so by meditating on the full moon. Chant the Guru mantra and immerse in meditation.....virtually feel His bliss and get blessed. Guruji says that on every Purnima sadhaks must chant 1 mala of the Ganesh mantra followed by 11 malas of the MaaLaxshmi mantra given by him. And one must chant the Guru Mantra as much as possible. Chant with your heart.....sit in your prayers so that your heart does the talking and not the words.
Hari Om !

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