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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Code of Conduct Established by the Vishwa...

Sumiti Gupta Vjm
The Code of Conduct Established by the Vishwa Jagriti Mission for its followers

[01] Efforts to emulate the idea of good company, self-education, self-service, remembrance, contentment and dedication in life;

[02] Compassion, charity and restraint are the three divine invocations for improvement. Have compassion for all, abandon violent trends, and work for truthful and benevolent works;

[03] Adopt discipline and orderliness in daily life. Pray to God in the morning. Detach attention from worldly matters and concentrate on the feet of the Almighty;

[04] Farsightedness and well-planned use of time makes a man great. Necessary work should be done considering them as your moral duty.

[05] Respect and serve the wise, knowledgeable, religious and pious persons, parents and elders;

[06] Have respectful and reverential attitude towards your Guru;

[07] Make yourself loved by God by devotion self-enlightenment, penance, meditation, prayers and remembrance;

[08] Jealousy for anyone, stealing, cheating should never enter your ethics;

[09] Bring softness, politeness, love and compassionate benevolence and truthfulness in your behavior and speech;

[10] Ignore the bad and deceitful. Do unto others as you wish to be done to you.

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